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Welcome in the Catholic Church in Brussels !

The Arch-diocese of Malines-Brussels has over one hundred Roman Catholic Parishes. There would be close to the same number of religious communities in the diocese. This shows there is a wide diversity of catholic life here. As Brussels is a multicultural city the response of the church is to meet these circumstances by making available services in over thirty different languages. One of these languages is English. The Church is deeply involved in the social life of the city and in many cases is the intial contact for many initiatives in the area of social enterprises in the city.
The church is in constant dialogue with the other Christian Churches and people of other faiths. We also are concerned by European questions or problematics.
In our Pastoral Centre in Brussels you will find help, for example if you wish to prepare a wedding. You can learn about our faith and other Christian faiths. You can be invited to some activities that are proposed by the Pastoral Centre or local communities. This Centre, which is called a Vicariate is one of three vicarities that serve the Archdiocese of Malines – Brussels. The people responsible for the running of this Vicariate are Mgr (Bishop) Jean Kockerols and his assistant Canon Tony Frison.

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The contact details for the Vicariate are :

Vicariat général de Bruxelles | Centre pastoral
Rue de la Linière, 14-18 – 1060 Bruxelles
Tél : 02.533.29.11 Fax : 02.533.29.98
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