Corona Crisis : A Crossroads for the EU ?

Welcome to our first Virtual Cafe; we have re-invented ourselves to keep on offering you our Conferences; but now online (Zoom and FB Live on Chapel’s for Europe page).

This time, we would like to invite next WEDNESDAY 17TH JUNE AT 19:00 to our sharing about:


Corona Crisis: A Crossroads for the EU?

Herman Van Rompuy (President Emeritus of the European Council) in dialogue with Victoria Martín de la Torre (Author of the book: “Europe, a Leap Into the Unknown”) and Fr Martin Maier sj (Jesuit European Social Centre).
What long-term lessons can we draw from the Corona crisis?
Due to the pandemic, our way of life has changed. We are more aware of our vulnerability and inter-dependency.
During the lock-down, we discovered our longing for togetherness, but at the same time others could be perceived as a threat, as potential carriers of infection. Is there still scope for trust and solidarity reaching beyond the people we know, beyond our communities and nations?
What will be the characteristics of our post-Covid society? What are the challenges and opportunities? How is the crisis being managed at the EU level? What has already been done, what are the plans; and what is the vision?

The discussion will be held in English. A question and answer session with the audience will follow in English and French.La discussion se déroulera en anglais. Les Questions/Réponses, avec le public, en anglais et en français.


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