Chapel For Europe | Echo from lecture over war in Europe on May 17th


Echo from the lecture over War in Europe and our response on May 17th 

On May 17th 2022 at 7pm at the Chapel for Europe (Rue Van Maerlant, 22-24- 1040 Brussels), was held an interactive conference with the participation of Mr Margaritis Schinas (Vice-President of the EU Commission) and Mr Othmar Karas (First Vice-President EU Parliament), with the moderation of Revd. SarahJane King (Anglican Chaplaincy in Leuven). Fr. Krystian Sowa sj; welcomed the guests and the public to the Chapel.

It was a very vivid discussion between the participants about the war in Ukraine,EU Solidarity, Democracy, Refugees and the role of the EU, Churches and Faith based organizations. Then the floor was opened to questions from the audience and the exchange waslively, personal and meaningful.

VP Schinas commented: « It’s time for peace, reconciliation, reconstruction but also punishment for
war crimes. » « Good policy defeats nationalism. » « “Europe of Defense” will be a slow process. »

FVP Karas noted: « This war is against democracy, against our rights and values, against freedom and human rights, it’s against us. » « This war has no religious dimension. The Orthodox Church is an instrument for Moscow’s strategy. » « The 6 sanctions package will not be the last one. »

When time for questions ended, the speakers and the audience was invited to light a candle as a gesture of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

The conference was recorded and is therefore readily available on our YouTube
channel.Please feel free to visit.

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