Conference islam and european culture : is there a common ground ?

There are more tensions about religion in Europe than has ever been the case since WWII.

These tensions are not just a consequence of the arrival of new religions (notably Islam) or of a growing fundamentalist trend in religions.
They are a consequence of a growing secularization of culture that goes beyond the political conflict between Church and State .

The public debate is nowadays focused
on theology and culture, not power.
The main questions in contemporary debates in the West are:
Is Islam as a religion that is compatible with Western values?
Is Europe Christian?

Is there a clash between cultures, each of which is based on a specific religion, or is there a clash between modern values and religious norms, whatever the religion?
The contemporary debate on Islam hides a deeper debate on
“What religion means in a secular Europe”.
This is the issue that the public debate should address.


Prof. Olivier Roy
Dept. of Social & Political Theory-European University Institute (Florence-Italy) expert on Islamic norms in the public sphere (keynote speech)

Mr Mohammed Jamouchi
Secretary General of World Conference Religions for Peace Belgium

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Date / Heure
Date(s) - 08 mars 2017

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