From 18th November to 2nd December | Online workshops : Surprised by joy – an introduction into ignatian spirituality


In these three talks, Nikolaas Sintobin sj will introduce you to the very heart of Ignatian spirituality: joy as a compass to find God in your daily life. In “Ignatian language” this means how the discernment of the spirits, of which Ignatius of Loyola is by far the best-known expert ever, can show you the way to a joyful and meaningful life.
These talks will be conducted on Zoom and you should register to obtain the link. They will be given in English; although questions can be addressed later either in French or English:

1. The experience of Ignatius of Loyola himself – 18.11.2020 at 19:00 – REGISTER
During this first encounter, we will hear the amazing story of the conversion of Ignatius. On his endless sickbed, he discovered in the intimacy of his inner life, to his own surprise, a quality of joy that was completely different from all that he had experienced before. It was the beginning of a lifelong pilgrimage that would not only change his own life but also that of millions of other people.

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2. The surprising advices given by Pope Francis with regard to the importance of joy in the life of Christians that lead a busy life – 25.11.2020 at 19:00 – REGISTER
Pope Francis is a Jesuit. He is moreover a specialist in Ignatian spirituality. In 2016 he gave a talk that one could qualify as a masterclass in Ignatian spirituality. In it he focused in a very concrete way on the importance of joy in the life of the Christian who wants to live according to the Gospel. In this second talk, Nikolaas Sintobin sj will comment on some of the pointers the pope mentioned in that conference.

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3. The intriguing Jesuit directive of “agere contra” – 02.12.2020 at 19:00 – REGISTER
Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, often mentions the principle of agere contra. This is a Latin expression that asks to do the opposite of what one would do spontaneously. In all kinds of situations, experiences and moods Ignatius gives indeed precise hints of how to act or react to be able to achieve joy. It is amazing that a lot of those indications point in the opposite direction of what our intuition would suggest.

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About Nikolaas Sintobin sj:
NikolaasSintobin SJ is a Belgian Jesuit and internet chaplain. Before joining the Society of Jesus in 1989 he has worked for two years as a researcher at the law faculty of the Catholic University of Leuven and as a lawyer in Brussels.
As a Jesuit, he was trained in Brussels, Paris and Santiago de Chile. Nikolaas is specialized in Ignatian spirituality and discernment. An internet chaplain he is in charge of many websites ( i.a.,,,


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