It is not lawful to take anyone’s life ! | 3rd meeting of the Legal advisers of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe

Luxembourg, 10-12 December 2017

Luxembourg, 11 December 2017 – “The Church in the Eurpean nations does not want to fall into the sin of omission and indifference, neglecting its pastoral responsibilities and remaining a simple spectator at an on-going process led by some political leaders, but feels the duty to make its Christian contribution to sharing a destiny of development and peace for all the peoples of the continent”, stated His Grace Mgr Augustine Kasujja, Apostolic Nuncio to Luxembourg, speaking yesterday at the opening of the 3rd meeting of the Legal advisers of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe.
The meeting, facilitated by CCEE, is taking place in Luxembourg at the invitation of the local Archbishop, His Grace Mgr Jean-Claude Hollerich. In the course of the three-day meeting (10-12 December), the legal advisers from 19 countries will discuss, inter alia, the regulations surrounding the so-called “end of life” and migration.
According to Mgr Kasujja, “before it is too late, the future of the ethical, moral values and justice about the human person, the family, the welcome of migrants, protection of the environment and world climate, etc.. demands and must not exclude the contribution of everyone, especially of the Church and its Pastors”.
Opening the meeting, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, President of CCEE, recalled that “life is a gift from God whose value and whose dignity comes from the fact of being desired and loved by God and does not depend on some criterion of usefulness or sentiment. Therefore we are called to love, defend and promote life at every level and at every stage of human existence”. Hence the CCEE President’s heartfelt call: “It is unlawful to take anyone’s life. No earthly authority has the right to decide if a person can bring an end to their life, and even less play an active part in this tragic purpose”. According to Cardinal Bagnasco, “we are at a time where no-one can consider themselves to be spectators. We are called to think and to understand, at the legal level, too, about what can be improved and to seek to stop laws being passed which – becoming a general mindset – cancel out fundamental moral criteria. Often we see what is evil is allowed or promoted, even if, deep down, it does not respect the human person”.

The meeting is taking place behind closed doors. A news release will be published on Wednesday 13 December.

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